Snow Day Fun at Hospital Hill

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- An icy day in South Central Kentucky brings another snow day for schools. Hospital Hill is a “hot spot” for sledders in Bowling Green. Kids and parents took full advantage of the snow day.

"Make sure the only thing touching the ground is the sled," said Ethan Embry, sledder at Hospital Hill.

Sledders breezed over top of nearly five inches of snow. Many raced down on top of trash can lids, storage containers and the “ol' dependable” cardboard box!

Sledders went up and down the hill. Many said getting a running start is the best way to reach the highest speed Going down the hill with a partner is what Ethan Embry chose to do!

"My favorite part is probably the snow hitting my face because it feels good," said Ethan Embry, sledder at Hospital Hill.

Hospital Hill visitors do sled at their own risk. Be safe!

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