Snow Forces Farmers To Sit And Wait

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Farm equipment sits idle in a brisk breeze and blowing snow. Corn fields remain empty as farmers wait for warmer temperatures.

"We are a month behind where we were last year. Last year it was 70 or 80 degrees. This time of year we had field work going on and this year we are dragging our feet it seems like," says Tom Tucker of Tucker Farms.

Spring like weather that was seen weeks ago enabled some planting to begin. Now, with flakes flying, farmers are growing worried.

"We are a little concerned with our wheat because when it is 70 degrees out the wheat is growing real good and strong. Then if it gets down into the 20s again it will hurt the wheat at the later end of the growing season," says Tucker.

The Warren County Cooperative Extension is monitoring the situation. They say many farmers are being forced to wait until soil temperatures rise.

"Usually when we plant corn we want the daytime temperature around 50 to 55 degrees, so that our soil temperatures will be warm enough for that corn to germinate," says Joanna Coles from the Warren County Cooperative Extension.

Concern among farmers remains low. The calendar says spring, but there is still a long growing season ahead.

"People are starting to get antsy but in Kentucky, in this part of the state, our optimal corn planting is from April 1 to May 1 so we still have some time," says Coles.

"We just hope that this weather, this wet weather, continues into June and July," says Tucker.

For now farmers continue to wait for the summer sun to return.

The Warren County Cooperative Extension says many area farmers like to get a head start on the growing season because of the hundred of acres that need to be planted.

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