Snow Day

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It was a snow day for many in the western part of the state due to a Wintery Weather System that swept through early this morning.

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Some schools in surrounding areas took precautions to the Wintery dusting of snow and called off school for the day.

"We call off school when it's the best decision, when it's whats in the interest of our students, staff, parents, and all the people that are out on the road," said Joey Kilburn the Director of Pupil Personnel and Student Support Services of Simpson County Schools.

Simpson County says they're on the verge of surpassing the average number of missed school days due to weather.

"It seems four to five days is the typical number of school days to miss for us here in Simpson County. We're already at four this year and there is still quite a bit of winter left. We might not see anymore snow, we might see a lot of snow, so it's looking like we're going to miss more than normal this year, but nothing that we haven't dealt with before," says Kilburn.

While schools are closed for the snow day, daycare's are still open to help with child care.

"It's chaos! Parents are bringing them through the door. When we have snow days, here they come," said Pamela Binion a teacher at Mickey's Daycare and Learning Center.

Mickey's Daycare says they see a significant increase in business when it snows.

"Parents still have to work. Then you have school out, so then we get the brothers and the sisters of all of our little ones," said Binion.

As far as driving to and from schools and daycare's the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet say they're always out treating the roads as needed.

"We've had our crews out patrolling and spot treating since about 1 o'clock this morning, they've been out patrolling and spot treating in about every county in our area. So we will be out patrolling for the rest of the day and just seeing what needs to be done," said Wes Watt with KTC.

There are still 62 days left of Winter so continue to take precaution.

Kentucky State Law doesn't necessarily designate "snow days" to schools, rather every school in the state is required to fulfill 170, 6 hour days on their calendar.

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