Solar Energy Growing In Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Solar energy is something many people envision in western America but the truth is the alternative energy source has been making a big difference in Warren County for a few years. However, those who sell and install the technology say they're happy with the thought of more government support.

It's an issue that American have discussed for decades.
The country's dependence on foreign fuel. Tuesday night during the President's speech he announced he'd like to see less incentives given to fossil fuel producers, and more to clean energy sources like solar power.

"We're already seeing incentives from the government. We already have the 30% federal tax credit when someone installs solar. We've got small state tax credits," said SolarEnergy Pioneers Partner, Tommy Jones.

SolarEnergy Pioneers has been in Warren County for around 5 years and said the idea of alternative energy is growing in the area. Business is growing and they said the reason lies in the numbers.

"I would say 90% of our customers from day one when it was installed, they have never paid an electric bill. Most of our customers get a check back at the end of the year because they're not able to use all the solar they've generated throughout the year," added Jones.

It's not just homeowners who have turned to solar energy, Richardsville Elementary, which was built in 2010, was designed with clean energy in mind. Solar panels lay on the roof and off to the side of the school, generating a lot of energy and a lot of cash.

"TVA is paying a premium price for the clean energy, the alternative energy here. Warren County Public Schools averages about $40,000 in revenue just for having this building online," said architect, Kenny Stanfield.

The growing trend isn't slowing down anytime soon. Stanfield said the Warren County School System has two other facilities that are ready for solar energy when the time comes.

Solar energy providers said most panels are warrantied for about 25 years but they say it's not unusual for them to generate power for 40 plus years.

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