Soldier Returns Home and Surprises Daughter

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At Barren County's Red Cross Elementary, one little girl received a very special early Christmas present this year.

"I can't wait to see her face when she sees me coming in," said David Wilkinson.

For this army mechanic it took a year in Afghanistan, and thousands of miles traveling to Kentucky to fulfill his daughter's one Christmas wish this year.

This was what David had to say right before he surprised his daughter Madeline, "We're going to walk out into the middle of the gymnasium while they are doing Christmas Carols and stuff."

"I need one more helper today and I think I'm going to pick a first grader. Madeline Wilkinson you've got your hand up come on down girl."

Madeline was asked to introduce a very special guest.

"My daddy... David," Madeline said as she announced the guest.

Little did she know the guest would be for her.

"When I saw him I was surprised," Madison said.

"It was a little overwhelming especially when so many tears started flowing.It was worth every minute of it," David said.

For now, Madeline has the Christmas she's been wanting.

"I was asking for him to stay here," Madeline said.

Unfortunately, David is just home for Christmas, he has to report back for duty in New Mexico by January 1st.

While overseas, David received several injuries including a broken arm, a dislocated elbow, severe burns and PTSD.

He says he's returning to New Mexico to wait on a letter for medical discharge.

He hopes he will soon be reunited with his family permanently.

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