Some Say Man Begs and Scams Community, He Says He Quit

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Glasgow, Ky -Gary Thompson says he made up to six figures a year scamming people in Lexington. Now he's in Glasgow, but says he's not begging anymore.

When we first heard from multiple viewers Gary Thompson was in south central Kentucky, we went to our facebook page to ask our viewers to help us find him, and today, we went to Glasgow on that search.

We heard he was at the Happy Valley Inn, and sure enough he was. We asked him if the reports of his begging and pretending to be disabled were true.

"I sued Honda of America for like 2.4 million dollars years ago, but that money was gone after the after the market crashed, so I was homeless. My mom has cancer. So then I had to panhandle to have a place to stay and to be able to eat," said Gary Thompson.

"Did you stop panhandling?" we asked.

"Yes mam," said Thompson.

"So you say you haven't been doing that since you've been in Glasgow?" we asked.

"No mam," said Thompson.

One hotel manager says that's not the case.

"I've lost several customers because people don't want to come here and have people bumming from them as soon as they walk out the door," said Happy Valley Inn Manager Paula Scott.

She says he's also threatened to sue her by having a wheelchair accident.

"He turns it over right there at that Coke machine," said Scott.

"Why do you think he does that?" we asked.

"Because he's out to try to sue, because that's how he gets by in life by suing people," said Scott.

The neighboring grocery store says they've witnessed him begging there.

"He's been known to be outside in the parking lot begging for money, slash wanting to use their phone. He came in and personally asked me for some free food in the past," said Houchens Assistant Manager Jonathan Adwell.

Adwell says he's good at what he does.

"I called him out by his name, and let him know I was aware of who he was, and he still didn't break character, so he does it fairly well," said Adwell.

"Even if I were to panhandle, I couldn't say it... because I just couldn't. I'm the best in the world though. The best panhandler in the world," said Thompson.

"We've had to call the police before to ask him to leave," said Adwell.

Glasgow Police told us their are currently no city ordinances prohibiting panhandling, but they have responded to several complaints saying he was presenting a nuisance.

Thompson told us he once made $60,000 to $100,000 a year begging.

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