Someone Shoots Up an Edmonson County Home


It's a quiet country home in Edmonson County right off Highway 31W, but early yesterday morning it turned into the site of a shootout.

"They don't deserve to be treated this way. It's a shame that something like this could happen," said Jimmy Yokley.

Jimmy Yokley's parents who are both in their seventies live in this home and were asleep Tuesday morning when it started.

"They were asleep and at approximately 1:30 in the morning felt glass breaking and saw muzzle fire through the window and he sleeps with a handgun by his bed. So, he grabbed it and returned fire at the muzzle fire he saw," said Jimmy Yokley.

Bullets struck the TV and a mirror in their bedroom and stuck in the wall.

Yokley said they received a death threat after the shooting and that this isn't the first time something has happened.

Cars were vandalized on May 30th.

"Dad had gotten up had his breakfast and come out and noticed someone had vandalized three vehicles in his driveway. It looks like they had poured some type of asphalt sealant or maybe paint on the tires. Two of the vehicles were a loss," said Yokley.

A death threat followed that vandalism as well.

Right now police say they don't know who did this or why they did this.

"We really don't know that at this point. We are working diligently to find out the motive behind it. That's all going to be part of the investigation and that would be inappropriate for me to comment about that," said Kentucky State Trooper Jonathan Biven.

The Yokley's say they just want this to stop.

"It's just totally unreliazable that something like this could happen to such kind people. They go to McDonald's, they go to Wal-Mart and they go to church. Other than that, they go to charity functions for people that are having trouble making their medical bills," said Yokley.

They hope the ones who did this are caught.

Yokley said the estimated damage is more than twenty thousand dollars between the cars and the home.

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