225 Jobs Up For Grabs At South Central Kentucky Career Fair

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Job seekers were out in full force hoping to grab one of 225 jobs. Many of those looking for work say it has been a long process which is made more frustrating when they have the right experience.

"I've been looking since April 30, whenever I lost my job, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Marketing and lots of automotive experience and still can't find a job," says Dawn Johnson.

"I'm looking for an employer that is looking for my skill set. What skills I have will match up with what they are looking for currently today," says Douglas Cline.

Frustration builds for those who aren't as qualified, but need a job to pay for education.

"I graduated high school and went to college but dropped out because I needed money and had to find a job and still can't find one," says Susan Batt.

To assist those in that situation educational opportunities were available. Ross Medical Education Center opened in Bowling Green two months ago because of the strong medical field in this area.

"There are a lot of opportunities in the medical field expanding 25% to 30% and the fields are medical insurance billing, pharmacy tech, and medical assisting," says Kathy Conrad.

Manufacturing jobs are also on the rise in Bowling Green. Sun Products says when a position opens up, it fills fast.

"We have a lot of applicants so we do try to fill the positions as quickly as possible. Particularly due to our growth it's important that we get these positions filled so we can maintain our production capacity," says Eric Procter.

Job seekers hope more of that growth returns to the United States.

"I would like to see manufacturing jobs brought back to America. Pay a decent wage for a decent days work," says Cline.

"More jobs in the United States and stop sending them overseas," says Johnson.

A total of 28 companies were represented at Tuesday's job fair.

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