South Warren High School Film Challenge

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The speech team at the high school hosted it's first film challenge over the weekend. Each team that entered had forty eight hours to complete a film out of the action thriller genre. Though it may be stressful having such a short time to complete the project the students said it's what they love to do.

"Each team submits a video that's about five minutes long and there are over 400 hundred dollars in prizes, so there's a really good incentive to get involved. It's really good because it helps the speech team out a lot and it give them a good fundraiser. That's why were doing it. We love to make videos." said Jordan Upton.

The students had to include a cup from Linzie's Exceptional Sandwiches and Salads, a vigilante librarian character, and a car wash in their films.The projects will be viewed and judged Thursday night at South Warren High School.

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