Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Commencement

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Bowling Green, KY - The Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College held its commencement ceremony at SkyPAC Friday night.

It will also be the last commencement at SKYCTC for its current president who is retiring this year, but also it's the first ceremony since the college got its new name.

"It's been a pleasure to see all that come about, and I'll tell you, there's alot of great things to come yet," said SKYCTC President Dr. Nathan Hodges.

Hodges hopes he motivated his students during his final commencement address.

"I really want to challenge them to get grounded, get real, and get going," said Hodges.

Getting going is just what one graduate wants to do.

"If I can get into the workforce as soon as possible, that's what I'm hoping to do. I've already been sending out dozens of resumes, and I'm just ready," said SKYCTC graduate Heather Skaggs.

One graduate's experience was a long awaited second chance at a degree.

"Actually, 23 years ago I dropped out of college. I had a four year full ride scholarship and gave it up in months. Life got in the way basically, and years later, I've come back to it, and SKYCTC has given me the opportunity to make things better in my life and for my family," said SKYCTC graduate and SGA President David Theis.

Theis says he will continue his education at WKU in the fall. Another graduate says her degree is the final step in preparing for her career.

"It's the foundation I need to build the work experience upon to get my feet in different fields and see exactly where I want to take it," said SYCTC graduate Brittany Hardison.

No one waited longer for her big day than her mother.

"You have the dreams of this day happening and when it's here, it's just like, wow," said mother of graduate, Dana Hardison.

Hardison says she hopes her daughter will continue to reach for the stars.

350 students graduated tonight with associates degrees from the college. For more information on Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College, see the link below.

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