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South Central Kentucky was packed with several punches of winter weather this year.

Teachers, faculty, and students in the Monroe County School District saw 14 days of empty hallways due to the weather.

"It's been a long, hard winter, just every few minutes we were calling and we were saying there's no school today and it was a negative, negative, negative, negative, so I thought it was time for a positive," said Lewis Carter, the superintendent for Monroe County Schools.

That positive came as a surprise announcement.

"I thought it was cool and I thought it made our fourth grade class really want to come back to school after off them snow days," said Brynley Starnes, a fourth grader.

"I thought it was really funny how you can see that your superintendent has a sense of humor too just like we do and it makes me feel excited when we can come back to school and it's not so boring," said Kade Hagan, a fifth grader.

"It made my brother feel so happy because he keeps on singing it and he won't quit," said Ramsey Bartley, a fifth grader.

"It was refreshing to know that the superintendent can have fun also and the kids, our students, really enjoyed it and as long as they enjoyed it and they get the message at the same time, that's the best way to learn," said Superintendent Carter.

"It's neat the superintendent is so visible and having fun, the kids loved it," said Mike Gee, the Director of Pupil Personnel.

Now the song is being used as a classroom tool.

"I would have never thought of any particular thing that would have so much positive public reflection as this. I can't go in Wal-Mart still today without someone saying where have you been Lewis? I'll answer them of course... I've been everywhere," said Superintendent Carter.

The "I've Been Everywhere" video wasn't the first and last performed by Superintendent Carter. He also put together a video about Spring Break.

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