Special Report: Justice for Robert

Brenda Holinde only has her memories and a few pictures to remember her nephew Robert.

"Robert is a very good person. He is very charismatic, full of life. He was well loved by his family and friends and everyone that knew him," said Brenda.

"Robert was killed by someone who had multiple DUIs, someone who chose to continue drinking and driving regardless of his past history," said Brenda.

Brenda is still visibly shaken by her her nephew's death.

Robert was killed in a car crash right before his 26th birthday by a man who had three DUIs at the time.

Since Robert's death, Brenda has been trying to think of a way to bring justice for him. Through her research she's learned about a device called an ignition interlock.

"This is a tool that can be used to help save lives and it will help others from ruining their lives," said Brenda.

An ignition interlock is a breathalyzer for a car. Anytime an offender gets in their car they have to take a breathalyzer to start it. The device can be set up so that around every five minutes the offender has to retake the test.

Brenda's gotten support from several lawmakers including Rep. Dennis Keene who's already introduced an interlock bill to the General Assembly.

He gave this speech to the House of Representatives in 2011: "My daughter Kelly, who is here with us today, was a victim of a drunk driver. The driver hit my daughter and she has spent... she had to endure several operations in the hospital."

"It was her high school graduation and we literally had to take her to graduate in a wheelchair and she had a lot of issues with, you know, why... I didn't even know this person why would someone pick me out to kill me?" said Rep. Keene.

Kentucky's current DUI laws require second or greater offenders to either turn in their license plate or have an ignition interlock installed in their car.

"Most people choose to turn in the license plate because it's free to do that where as the interlock ignition device requires an installation fee, a monthly fee, and of course to remove it there's also a fee so people are reluctant to do that and that's a shame," said Amy Milliken, the Warren County Attorney.

Brenda has been working with Representative Keene to try to get an interlock bill through the General Assembly.

It's passed in the House of Representatives, but hasn't made it through the Senate.

"I will introduce the bill until I leave the General Assembly. I feel that strongly behind it," said Rep. Keene.

"I cannot let Robert's death go in vain. His death means something and it's got to mean more than what it has come to," said Brenda.

Rep. Keene says his daughter, Kelly, is doing well. She had to undergo several surgeries and her heel was completely rebuilt.

When it comes to the ignition interlock bill, Rep Keene says the offender will pay for the cost of the ignition interlock, which can be leased for as little as $2.30 a day. For those who can't afford it a fund will be built into the bill, but Representative Keene says it does not come out of taxpayer dollars.

Brenda has started a petition for those wanting ignition interlocks to be required by law. The link to the petition is https://www.change.org/petitions/help-save-lives-from-drunk-driving-crashes