County Clerks Demand Action Be Taken in Frankfort

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Legislators say it was one of the most productive sessions is recent memory, but one issue that still is on the table is redistricting.

Warren County Clerk Dot Owens says she is tired of waiting. She wants legislators back in Frankfort to address redistricting as soon as possible. Her office has already seen the impact old maps can have.

"Warren County usually has about 65 precincts. We wound up with over 80 and then some of those precincts didn't even have anybody living in them but it's just the way they drew the lines," says Owens.

Long lines from the November 2012 election showed many precincts were overpopulated. Redistricting is supposed to take place every 10 years, but county clerks like owens continue to wait.

State Representative Jody Richards says he has been pushing hard for redistricting.

"The 20th and 21st district both are well over maybe 10,000 or 12,000 more then they should have so our districts are blatantly unconstitutional in the fact that they are oversized," says Richards.

Despite the problem Richards believes it's best to wait for the next session.

"I'm not in favor of a special sessions usually unless there is a real emergency because they are expensive," says Richards.

But Dot Owens says if action is not taken a bigger problem may be yet to come.

"People will be filing in the wrong districts and when they do the redistricting they will have to resign from that because they won't even live there," says Owens.

Calling a special session remains in Governor Steve Beshear's hands. He says he is considering the move.

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