St. Joseph School Learning From Pope Stepping Down

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As a helicopter left the Vatican Thursday morning, so did the leadership of the Catholic Church. Now Catholics around the world are left waiting for a new pontiff.

"When he was elected, most of the children in our school were very young or weren't even born. They had never seen the that process take place. I think it's going to be a wonderful opportunity over the next month for us to teach them." said St. Joseph School Principal, Jan Lange.

"We've learned how it's kind of a big deal because usually this is a life time gig and he's actually stepping down. I think it's a really brave thing to do." commented Seventh Grader Grace Regnier.

"I think it's really exciting. It's going to be like one in a lifetime. It's a once in a lifetime thing." added students Will Wininger and Shawn Shankar.

For now, the church will be run by the Camerlengo until the new Pope is elected. That part of the process is something the teachers are excited to educate their students about.

"When something like that is happening it gives us a great opportunity to teach them about church teachings and how the process works in the church." commented Lange.

The historical event is also reminding those at the school, how large the Catholic faith really is.

"We are a part of the universal church. We're a part of St. Joseph Church and Holy Spirit Church in Bowling Green. We're a part of the Diocese of Owensboro, but we're also part of the universal church." added Lange.

The election of the new Pope is expected to be made by Easter, but until then the students have quite an opportunity to see history in the making. Pope Benedict XVI will now live the rest of his life in prayer at Castel Gandalfo. His official title is now Pope Emeritus.

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