St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The sprawling campus of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital started with a dream.

"Danny Thomas, his dream was that no child should die in the dawn of life," said Hillary Husband, a St. Jude patient.

Danny Thomas was a well-known entertainer. However, when he was a down on his luck, he gave his last seven dollars to the collection plate after a moving mass. He prayed to a statue of St. Jude saying "Show me my way in life and I'll build you a shrine." His vision became a state of the art hospital that treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

"It's really incredible to think about one person who has that mission, who has that idea that can be taken from just an idea to a hospital on a huge campus that's almost like a city, with just one idea, so it's really inspiring. it makes you feel like you can do the same thing," said Dr. Erin Sullivan.

The research at St. Jude isn't kept a secret. It's shared across the world to help children everywhere.

"I can't believe how much it's blown up and what a wonderful place this is and what a safe haven not just for people in the U.S. but people all over the world," said Husband.

The beauty of St. Jude is that families don't pay for anything that isn't covered by insurance.

"When I come to St. Jude my focus is on my children and what makes them better. I can focus on their health care, their everything, the whole aspect of them, and not have to worry about how much it's going to cost me at the end of the day," said Elnora Lee, the parent of three St. Jude patients.

Danny's presence is still felt at St. Jude, giving hope to those who thought they had none.

Last year those with the hospital celebrated 50 years of finding cures and saving children.

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