St. Jude: The Lee Family

Elnora Lee's journey to St. Jude started when she crossed the bridge from Arkansas to Tennessee to take two of her children to get new eyeglasses.

"The doctor pulled the little machine that measures your eyes and she made the statement 'I see them'. I said 'them, what's them?' She said I'll go get another doctor and come back in and he made the exact same statement as she did 'I see them' and she said 'I think your children have brain tumors, I'm not sure," said Elnora Lee, a St. Jude parent.

In that one moment, Elnora's life changed forever.

"So I leave my home going to get eyeglasses, the night I came home I have two children on chemotherapy," said Elnora.

Elnora and her children Felicia and Jayla were fortunate that they lived near St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"It's a blessing to say the least. You can't imagine how it is to take care of children with that, but just a reminder that it's not going to cost you anything makes a world of difference. You can't worry and take care of your children at the same time," said Elnora.

The punches didn't stop there. Elnora became a member of the St. Jude club not once, or twice, but three times over.

She became pregnant and her new baby, Julianna, was also diagnosed with cancer.

"They're motivation to me, they're my inspiration because they're never sad. they can get blood drawn, treatment, whatever, they're still happy," said Elnora.

Elnora's children have been treated at St. Jude for five years. They never realized when they crossed the bridge to go to the eye doctor that St. Jude would become their beacon of hope.

"I would pass St. Jude twice a day, never assumed that i would be here. I passed it the day I got here. I came across the bridge to the eye doctor, but when I passed it that night, I was already here," said Elnora.

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