St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway Winner

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We've been talking about it for months, the St. Jude dream home give away, and now that house will be home for one.

Charlotte Oller, from Bowling Green is the lucky winner.

"I was sitting in my bedroom when I was watching TV and he called my name. I just had to sit there for a minute, I didn't think it was real," says Oller.

She says for her and her family it was hard to believe.

Payton Gipson is Oller's grandson he says he didn't believe it when his uncle called him to tell him his grandmother won the home, "So I called him and said, "Did she really win the house?" and I could hear my grandma in the background going yeah!."

Oller says she is very blessed and her family spent today admiring what will be her new home.

Oller's husband passed away in 2008, she says they would always tour homes together , and this one is a house she says he would have loved.

"This is definitely one he would be proud of. He's saying "way to go honey", I'm truly blessed."

And for Oller and her family, they can't wait to move into the dream home that is now their reality.

The winner was announced at WBKO's St. Jude Telethon held on Sunday, raising almost 600,000 dollars for the hospital.