Starry Nights 2012 Slideshow

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A music festival that started out as an idea to bring some attention to some local bands has become huge with people from all over traveling to Bowling Green, KY for the Starry Nights Music Festival. It took place at Balance Farm off of Louisville Road in Warren County. The festival showcased art and music from around the region.

Photographer Jackie Osborne was able to get a quick interview with Cage The Elephant. Check out their Q & A:

Jackie: How did the festival get started?

Brad Shultz: “The festival actually started with Bryan Graves in 2008. He started it as a local fest just with local bands. He started it and had in mind to expand the festival and actually give local bands a real opportunity to make it outside of Bowling Green.”

“To give a bigger platform to be seen and heard, you know we got involved in 2010 and even from then it has grown so much, I mean there is a line up of ours that seems to be never ending coming down here. We used to play shows in this house here in Bowling Green called 'The Pirate House,' and so a lot of our approach to this festival has come from that house. One of the things was in the upper level, I think it was like the third level of the house; there was a whole floor where all the walls were completely covered in murals. So we had the idea to set up an art wall so we had Porter’s Paint along with some other companies to donate wood, paint, and all kinds of art supplies. So it has been free for anyone to just come up here and paint. At the end of the festival we are going to auction off the different sections of the mural and give it to Kelly Autism Program and to the Special Olympics. We just want to pour everything back into the community. “

Jackie: "What is next for the festival/where do you see it going?"

Matt Shultz: “You decide, our whole mindset has been you know this isn’t really our festival we’re just kind of here too. If you create the petri dish everything is going to grow you know, make it what you want it. We would like to see it grow and people who create it. Culture happens naturally within groups of people we only want to magnify that.”

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