State Labor Cabinet Helps With Construction Safety

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The Medical Center is currently expanding to help WKU medical students.

"It extends the scope of their nursing program and it will also add a doctorate of physical therapy so, we are excited to have their students on our campus," says Jean Cherry, Executive Vice President of Commonwealth Health Corporation.

As the walls of the new WKU Health Sciences Complex go up, the KY Labor Cabinet, along with the Medical Center, and Scott, Murphy, and Daniel Construction are partnering to keep the construction workers safe.

"We see more injuries in construction than any other business so, anything we can do that gets us in the door with construction workers, and helps us educate them in safety and health is very positive," says KY Labor Cabinet Sec. Mark Brown.

The new partnership allows OSHA to check on the construction site four times a year, to make sure the state safety standards are being followed.

"Throughout the project, if we maintain that compliance with Kentucky OSHA regulations, then we are exempt from any Kentucky OSHA compliance inspections," says Travis Johnson, Director of Safety & Health for Scott, Murphy & Daniel.

The program allows construction companies the opportunity not to be cited for wrong-doings, as long as they continue the safety training.

Johnson says this is the third partnership and so far, it's keeping his workers safer.

"No injuries are occurring so, something's happening. Education and training are being delivered and they're understanding how to incorporate the daily procedures," Johnson says.

Construction Superintendent Rick Honeycutt says one construction worker owes this program his life.

"The guy fell off of a 35-foot wall and the guy would have died if we didn't have the fall protection," Honeycutt says.

The construction company hopes to continue their good safety record.

The program is free to any company where safety is a concern, since it's paid for by state taxes.

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