State Police Investigating Multiple Goat Deaths

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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) Kentucky State Police are investigating the death of six goats after they were found dead alongside a creek in Kite Saturday morning. We want to warn readers that the accompanying video contains some images that could be disturbing.

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Owners of a farm in Knott County say what began as a typical Saturday morning quickly took a shocking turn.

“Well this morning we noticed the animals weren't around [anywhere] and we got to looking for them, and we found all six of them…had been shot in the head,” says Randy Bates, owner of the animals.

Bates and his family discovered the remains of their six goats early Saturday morning. Bates says he cannot understand why anyone would hurt his animals.

“It just tells you what a hate crime it is, because goats have no enemies, they just eat wheat. It’s just all about hate,” Bates said.

Troopers with the state police are currently investigating the case. For now, Bates and his family say they are left with too many questions, coupled, they say, with hopes that whoever is behind these deaths will be brought to justice.

Bates asks anyone with information about the incident to report it to Kentucky State Police.