State Race too close to Concede, Sen. Pendleton Requests a Recanvass

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Just 297 of nearly 37,000 votes stood between 20-year incumbent Kentucky State Senator Joey Pendleton and his Republican opponent Whitney Westerfield.

Pendleton says he knew the race would be close, but by Wednesday, he'd received so much pressure from supporters to continue, he decided not to concede, but to call for a recanvass of votes.

"And I think I owe that to my supporters and the people who worked so hard for me," said Kentucky State Sen. Joey Pendleton.

Pendleton said he'd been hearing reports that he led in Logan County all evening, and the loss there was a surprise.
In his nearly 20 years in office, he's never requested a recanvass or recount, but an incident from earlier in his political career led him to make the choice.

"When I ran for magistrate, there was a gentleman that showed that he only got ten votes at a precinct, when actually he got 100," said Sen. Pendleton.

The recanvass will double check to ensure there were no errors in reporting figures. Pendleton's opponent Whitney Westerfield said if the tables were turned, he would probably request a recanvass too.

" He has an interest in staying in the seat. He wouldn't have run for re-election if he didn't. If the roles were reversed, I'd absolutely consider doing the same thing. It's a close margin," said Westerfield.

The recanvassing will take place next Thursday in all three counties' precincts. As is both candidates' right, Westerfield plans to have a campaign representative at each recanvassing site.

Both men say they know the results can go either way.

"I spent a lot of time meeting as many people as I could over the last ten months, and I think it paid off, and I hope the result remains unchanged," said Westerfield.

"I don't think there's anything personal about it, and I'm pleased with my record, and what I've done in the 20 years I've been there in Christian, Todd, and Logan Counties, and I'm not going away," said Sen. Pendleton.

Both say they'll continue being advocates for the community whether in office or not.

After the results of the recanvassing are reported, Pendleton says he will then decide whether to call for a full recount of votes.

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