Stivers Chosen As President of Kentucky Senate

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Republicans in the Kentucky Senate have chosen Robert Stivers of Manchester to be the chamber's new president.

Stivers, who has been GOP floor leader, and independent Sen. Bob Leeper of Paducah ran for the post. The new president was selected Tuesday.

The post was left open when longtime Senate President David Williams left office to accept a judicial appointment in southern Kentucky.

Stivers won't officially become president until January.

Republican Senator David Givens of Greensburg was one of two in line to take Stiver's position of floor leader, but he lost out to Senator Damon Thayer of Georgetown.

WBKO spoke with Givens on his way back from Frankfort Tuesday evening.

"Certainly disappointed to not come out victorious, but absolutely supportive of the leadership team we put in place, and look forward to the paths they're going to lead us on in the next two years. Largely, I think the vote was determined on the basis of seniority," said Givens (R) 9th district.

Thayer took office in 2003, while Givens wasn't in office until 2009.

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