Stores Continue Discounts to Promote Holiday Shopping

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The Thanksgiving weekend may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the discounted prices stop there.

"Several of our retailers are offering great discounted sales at their stores. So that draws customers into Greenwood Mall to get some of those deals," Robia Gross with Greenwood Mall says.

"I believe it's December 8th, we're going to have our first midweek add this year and that's going to roll through the holidays," Target Manager, Jim Sauerhever says.

Stores and malls are promoting anyway they can to continue bringing in more holiday shoppers.

"We've had a great number of shoppers here. Obviously, weekends are bigger for us, and we've seen a lot of our shoppers here," Gross says.

"Target uses all of those media outlets to promote deals. If you're signed up to they'll send you coupons," Sauerhever says.

Chain stores aren't the only ones using the Internet.

Local boutiques are turning toward social media outlets like Facebook to catalog their items, and promote the latest deals.

"We're on Facebook, and I try to post everything new that we get in just to keep that constant contact with the customer and let them know what we have arriving new daily," My Friends Place owner, Meredith Loafman says.

"We get in new merchandise every few days and then we put pictures of that on Facebook and invite them to come in," Better Bernard with Zingarella says.

Local store owners say using social media has helped bring in more customers this year.

They've also used their small town charm to bring more people to their stores.

"During December we'll be having refreshments here in the store everyday," Bernard says.

Zingarella also offers gift wrapping, alterations, and home delivery to suit your Christmas shopping needs.

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