Stores Taking Applications for Holiday Season

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It's only September, but for the world of retail, it's holiday season.

"We're gearing up for that everyday. That honestly starts right after the back-to-school group goes through. Once our back-to-school push goes through, then we do start looking toward the holidays," says Debbie Brinkley, Office Manager at JC Penney in Bowling Green.

If you need a little extra spending money this season, stores are currently hiring for temporary positions that fit your schedule.

"Se have night time positions, we have weekend positions, we have early morning positions. Somebody can come in and we'll sit-down and talk with them and we will find something that meets their needs," Brinkley says.

While stores in the area are hiring, it's those place associated with the Internet that are bringing in more workers.

"In November, it ramps up quickly. We double in volume, therefore we need to double in the workforce out there," says Nathan Spence, Senior Manager at Fed-Ex in Bowling Green.

Fed-Ex is expecting to hire 45 new drivers for this holiday season.

That nearly doubles the amount of temporary positions they had last year.

Spence says, this is a sign of two things.

"Hopefully it means a good sign of the economy. People are still ordering and they're not going to cancel Christmas," he says, "and you can get anything delivered to your house from food to a big-screen TV. So, everything's moving toward to the Internet age."

Because of the shift from the mall to Internet, distribution companies are able to higher more workers for this holiday season.

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