Storm Winds Destroy Home and Cafe Roof

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You might have been dreaming of a white Christmas, but instead, Saturday night brought severe thunderstorms and even tornado warnings for much of Kentucky.

While many counties saw at least minor damage from the storm, officials say some of the worst damage in our area was found in Barren and Hart counties.

"I thought I heard a train and I didn't hear a whistle, so that's when I jumped up and we started hearing the metal coming off the roof and the power went out," said Joan Newell, owner of the Cream & Sugar Cafe in downtown Cave City.

"All of a sudden, just a big bang and the lights went out," said David Lindsey, who was in the building next to hers during the storm.

Reports of downed trees and power lines poured in as the storm hit Kentucky Saturday night, but that wasn't the worst of the damage.

"We came down the hallway and noticed there was water coming in upstairs and down in our cafe, and when they put the lights up, I noticed my car was smashed," Newell said.

It's not the holiday she hoped for -- she would have been on the road to Tennessee for Christmas Sunday. Instead, she was cleaning up the mess the storm left behind.

"There's damage all over town and we're not the only ones," Newell said.

Also in Cave City, hotel signs were destroyed. A sign at the Super 8 smashed a power line.

Hotel guests did not want to speak on camera, but said it sounded like the "end of the world."

In Hart County was a devastating scene where one man lost everything after strong winds lifted his mobile home and rolled it four times before it landed in the middle of Bennett Road.

He also did not want to speak on camera, but said he's thankful he wasn't inside when the storm hit or he might not have made it out alive.

The National Weather Service said no injuries were reported in Barren or Hart counties despite the damage.

"A lot of straight line wind damage all across the area -- Hart County, Green, Taylor, here in Barren County -- but it would not surprise me if we find a tornado as we go north and east of here," said NWS meteorologist, John Gordon.

As for Newell, she's just thankful no one was hurt and for the friends she has to help her pick up the pieces.

Gordon says storms and temperatures like we had Saturday are unusual this time of year, and while there likely won't be a white Christmas, there's no more tornadoes in the forecast for the week.

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