Police Tackle String of Robberies in South Central Kentucky

Bank Robbery
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Less than a week into February, Bowling Green has already experienced its third bank robbery this year.

This morning's robbery at PBI Bank on Fairview Ave. follows a long string of bank robberies over the past seven months.

This unusual trend in bank robberies has many people asking questions, police searching for answers, and banks on alert.

"A man entered the bank and passed a note to the teller. Once the robbery was over, he left on foot, walking away behind the bank," said BGPD Officer Ronnie Ward.

That was at PBI Bank" on Fairview Ave. just after 8 a.m. Police say after the teller complied with the demands in the robbers note, he left the bank on foot, and walked into the neighborhood behind the bank.
Only one customer was inside the bank at the time, and police say the robber did not show a weapon.

This is surveillance footage of the crime, and police say the robber was a white male between 5'7" and 5'9" tall.

This is just one of eleven robberies in south central Kentucky since June of 2012, eight of those in Bowling Green.

Three men have been arrested in connection to three different robberies.

One of those arrests was 47 year-old Steven Harston of Bowling Green.
He was arrested in connection with the June 20 robbery at American Bank and Trust in Bowling Green. A BGPD press release notes that Harston is considered a strong suspect in multiple bank robberies in south central Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Harston's arrest put some area banks at ease.

"They've actually done a very effective job. Alot of times folks hear in the news there's been a robbery, but they don't think about all of the progress that's been made behind the scenes. They've actually been quite effective recently, and we're very indebted to their efforts," said US Bank Regional President Craig Browning.

Browning says his bank communicates with other banks about concerns and works with police on training bank staff to deal with robberies.

"We provide the training for them and work with them and tailor a training scenario to what they need and what their company and what their employees need," said Ward.

Police say today's PBI bank robber was wearing a black over-coat and sweater, a white collared shirt, and black knit hat with gloves.

Bowling Green police are also working with the FBI on many of the recent robberies, but they're looking for your help too.

If you think you may know anything regarding these bank robberies, or any other crime, call Crime Stoppers at 7-8-1 clue.

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