"Strong Possibility" of Early July Date for State Redistricting Talks

Many are still awaiting the official date for the controversial redistricting discussion to continue in Frankfort.

It has been debated, discussed, in court and still a year and a half later there is still not a concrete resolution to legislative redistricting in Kentucky.

"I would say they've been anxious to get this done from the beginning. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who wants to put it off any further," said Rep. C.B. Embry Jr. R-Morgantown.

The house presented a map late in this year's session that put three area republicans in one district together, including Representatives Embry, Jim DeCesare R-Rockfield and Michael Meredith R-Brownsville.

On Wednesday, Representative Brent Yonts D-Greenville said there is a strong possibility a special session will be called in early July to deal with this and that it's up to the senate to get this finished, but that is not a concrete date.

There have also been talks of a potential September session.

"The same committee that dealt with pension reform, which we stayed and worked on that all the way through that veto period and finally got that out at the very end, would have had to work on that and that's a major issue as well. So, they got it to us very late and it was almost an impossibility for us to deal with those two major issues at one time," said Sen. Mike Wilson R-Bowling Green.

"The Governor would be wise wait until Senate President Stivers and Speaker of the House Stumbo tell him they have an agreement because if we go into special session without an agreement, it will tarry on for a period of time," said Embry.

Another issue that's been discussed, is whether or not to include federal prisoners.

"We did the congressional maps, those are done by the state legislature as well and that included the federal prisoners in that population count. The map the house sent to us does not include those numbers, so there's a question. Do we have to be consistent? Do we have to use those numbers in our maps now since we've already done those maps?" said Wilson.

And all those maps are what everyone hopes to see soon.

Embry said it is unlikely all three republicans would run in the current house district drawn up and he said he will be looking closely at the senate map's districts, when they release it.

The republican controlled Senate is yet to reveal a plan.

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