Students React To Obama's Higher Education Plan

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Thursday at his stop in Buffalo, New York, President Obama pitched plan to overhaul federal student aid.

The president wants more dollars to go to better rated colleges and universities. Obama would cut funding from schools that aren't controlling costs or delivering a quality education.

Locally, Western Kentucky University students say they welcome any changes.

Freshmen have already experienced the high costs in their first week on campus.

"I had to get like a $1,500 laptop and then you have to pay for Microsoft and all that and by the time that is done it's outrageous for all the prices and dorm room things and stuff like that. Girls like to decorate their dorms so it outrageous just to do that," says Alexa Sanders.

Students say those high costs are in addition to their college loans, which they are already worried about paying in 4 years.

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