Students Stocking Up for the New School Year

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Students are now stocking up for the new school year.

The Warren County School System welcomed nearly 1,000 students at their annual Back-to-School bash earlier this afternoon .

"We did the bash so that the kids, students, and parents could have a one-stop-shop kind of place where they could come and get free supplies, a free t-shirt, and get lots of information from various agencies just to get them ready to go back to school," Resource Coordinator, Lynn Vincent, said.

School officials say it is one of their most requested events.

"It's called a needs assessment. We asked the parents what they want and this is one of the things that they like, so we keep doing it," Vincent said.

Vincent also says the bash does more than just hand out supplies.

"I think it has a big impact on the students because this kind of gets them ready for school, it gets them excited about school, and it gets them some of the information that they need to be successful in school," Vincent said.

Many of the parents agree.

"They make it a good, fun, learning environment for them so when they go back to school they won't be like, 'man, summer's over,' they're making it fun for them so I think that was a good idea," Parent, Ashley Hearn, said.

We also caught up with parents today who were shopping for supplies. One mother says the list is not as traditional as it once was.

"They didn't use to ask for more of the post-it notes, and the hand sanitizers, and the Clorox wipes as much back then as they do now," Parent, Christina Oller, said.

But even with the added supplies, Oller says she will buy extras for her child to share.

"That's what we try to do because the list usually has things on there, like, 'helpful items to share with the class,' so we always try to buy extra to be able to have for the children," Oller said.

The Warren County School District and Bowling Green Independent Schools will both begin classes on August 6th.

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