Sumitomo Expansion Expected to Bring More Jobs to Allen County

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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- The company has ties to Japan, but Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems has its eye on Kentucky. They have two locations in Scottsville and will open a third next Spring. Officials say the driving force may have been the work force.

"I think one of the reasons is, there is over 1,200 working farms here in Scottsville and Allen County. So you have that fix it mentality of the workforce here," says Richie Sanders, Executive Director of the Scottsville-Allen County Economic Development.

Some of those workers were hired again this year when Sumitomo reopened a plant on Old Gallatin Road. Inside, workers make electronics for cars such as fuse and junction boxes. As the auto industry rebounds, Allen County Judge Executive Johnny Hobdy hopes the counties economy will too.

"Hopefully we will add more opportunity for those not only that work within the company, but those that maybe are seeking employment to get out of unemployment," says Hobdy.

Although auto sales have struggled in the past, Hobdy believes Sumitomo is here to stay.

"It is a volatile market as we all know, but certainly Sumitomo is a well established company and certainly we will like that they have done all their homework on this expansion and feel comfortable with where they are at in the market," says Hobdy.

Its already been a year of expansion in Allen County. Officials say business is thriving and home grown companies are reaching nationwide.

"We have had some exciting things going on. We have the Smucker plant here in Scottsville and they are doing a major expansion right now, of course Dollar General store started here and they continue to grow," says Sanders.

Sanders says there are signs more expansions may be coming.

The Allen County - Scottsville Industrial Development Authority will be building the 48,000 square foot facility and Sumitomo will lease the building from them. Construction is expected to start this November.

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