Supplies Still Needed in the Northeast

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A group of Red Cross volunteers from our area have made it to New York to aid in Superstorm Sandy disaster relief.

Several Northeast residents are still in need, and you can help out.

"There is a pile of trees and brush and stuff that has been collected in a large parking lot at a race track," described one volunteer, "On the way in we passed several lines that are waiting at gas stations. One was a mile long. And several other gas stations are closed because there is no gas, or they don't have power to pump it with,"

The volunteers are in Queens giving out food and water to millions who are in need.

And there are ways you can help those in need, even thousand of miles away.

"They can text "Red Cross" to 90999 to make a 10 dollar donation that will go to American Red Cross disaster relief," said Jennifer Capps, Director of the American Red Cross of South Central Kentucky.

A blood drive will be held Friday at the University Plaza Holiday Inn between 10:30 and 4:30.

The Red Cross says there's a great need for blood in the disaster relief areas.

"The Tennessee Valley Blood Region is sending blood products to the areas that have been affected," Capps said.

Capps says 350 blood drives have been canceled because of Superstorm Sandy, leaving hospitals in need of blood.

"We're currently getting together with the Meade and Davies County associations, going up and leaving Friday to set up a kitchen in Middletown, New York," says Eddie Talley with the Warren Association of Southern Baptists.

The Warren Association of Southern Baptists will be leaving Friday around 4.

The group is in need of water and baby supplies, specifically diapers.

"FEMA is here setting up four different trailers, just as fast at they can, and I see a lot of urgency with the power companies trying to get the power back on in the areas that have been without power for a few days," the volunteer said.

The volunteer said different groups from all over the nation are coming together to get the Northeast back on it's feet.

If you would like to send supplies with the Warren Association of Southern Baptists, you can drop off donations at Living Hope Baptist Church by 4 Friday afternoon.

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