Survey Shows Horses Are A Big Business in Kentucky

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Horses are a big business in Kentucky, and a new study reinforces the equine industry's money-generating prowess.

The Kentucky Equine Survey released Friday in Lexington shows the horse sector generated almost $3 billion in economic activity in 2012.

The survey's authors call it a conservative estimate that doesn't include tourism spending.

The $3 billion includes money spent on such things as feed, fencing and veterinarian and farrier services. It also includes money generated by businesses that supply veterinarian clinics and others providing services to horse owners.

The survey says the state's equine industry generated an estimated 40,665 jobs last year, and its tax contribution to Kentucky was about $134 million.

It's the second round of results from the survey, which earlier showed that Kentucky was home to 242,400 horses.

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