Synthetic Marijuana Still not Banned Everywhere in Kentucky

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After a national meeting today, officials in Washington are listening about the dangers of synthetic marijuana, but not every county around here or in the state of Kentucky has banned the substance yet.

"You could go into some of the local convenience stores and see the products there. So, we knew it was here. We just couldn't legally stop people from selling it or buying it," Simpson County Judge Executive Jim Henderson.

These were Henderson's words about the problem that was synthetic marijuana in his county until they recently banned the sale and possession of it.

"That was our decision to do something because we weren't sure when it would be addressed if at all addressed in a way that would be enforceable," said Henderson.

Today President Obama's top drug policy advisor met with a Bowling Green woman whose daughter's suffered severe symptoms from the drug.

But even before this, several counties around including Warren, Scott, Simpson, and Barren banned it.

"It came to our attention last fall that this was really beginning to be a problem in our community. This has been a problem for lots of communities, for I guess the last couple years," said Henderson.

However, not every county sees it as a big problem yet.

Butler county does not have a ban on the substance.

"I'm not telling you it's not a problem, we're just not aware of it right now. We've got other problems, don't get me wrong. We have other drug problems, but the synthetic marijuana doesn't seem to be a big priority right now," said Butler County Judge Executive David Fields.

Fields said he wants a standard set statewide.

"That's what we're trying to go with is something that's sort of a standard that everybody understands and it will be the same almost statewide. So, if something comes down from the state, we will definitely impose it," said Fields.

But until it becomes law either state or nationwide, the drug remains accessible.

Judge Fields said he and other county officials knew of one store selling synthetic marijuana, but said the store stopped selling the drug once it knew of the dangers of the drug.

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