TIF District Disbursement Coming Soon

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The growth of Bowling Green is being recognized by the state, in monetary returns.
TIF dollars (tax increment financing) have been used to fund a multitude of local projects.
Last year's TIF check, compensating the last five years, provided Bowling Green with $3.7 million.
The 2013 TIF check is expected to be sent to our area soon. Although the dollar amount has not been revealed, area projects are already in line to receive this funding.
"The parking structure for instance. But, some of that also goes to the Medical Center for the money that they generate to pay for the College of Nursing. It goes to Western Kentucky University to pay for the investment they've had in the Tif. All of that is formally decided when that project happens. What kind of money can be generated and what percentages can go back to that to spur that development," said Doug Gorman, Warren County Downtown Economic Development Chairman.
WKU has put forth a lot of changes prompting TIF dollars.

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