TIF Reaches $150 Million Goal Two Years Earlier Than Planned

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This morning area officials came together at SKyPAC in Bowling Green to hear a big announcement from the Warren County Downtown Economic Development Authority.

Chairman Doug Gorman said they reached the goal of the $150 million in downtown TIF investment -- two years earlier than planned.

"Downtown TIF has finally reached a goal and been certified by the state of Kentucky. We have reached our goal of $150 million dollars capital investment. We did it in four years instead of six, and so we're celebrating City Center and all the great things that are happening down here," he said.

Gorman also said because the increase in the tax revenue generated by the businesses in the TIF District exceeded their goal, 80% of that growth in revenue will now be coming back to Bowling Green to invest in the area.

He also said there are also "big plans" for September, but wouldn't hint at what those plans are.

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