TJ Samson Unveils Health Pavilion

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The TJ Health Pavilion in Glasgow will soon be open for business, and it opened its doors for the first time today during an open house.

TJ Samson officials say the building was the answer to a need for more preventative care and convenience in the region.

"We'll have a 24-chair dialysis unit here. We'll have a ten bed Urgent Care Center. We'll have an absolutely incredible adult and pediatric rehabilitation facility. We'll have a womens' center for health," said TJ Regional Health CEO Bill Kindred.

Those are just a few outpatient services the pavilion will offer. It houses 40 physicians' offices, and a community center will the ability to hold 250 people for health education events. The technology here wont just keep you healthy, but happy.

"They'll valet their car. They'll be tracked by the valet going to the laboratory. They'll be tracked by laboratory going to the physician, and as they leave the physician, the valet will be notified they're ready to leave, and their car will be waiting on them as they arrive," said TJ Regional Health COO Neil Thornbury.

About half of the 226,000 sq. ft. building was once a Walmart. No longer an abandoned building, officials say they hope it will heal the local economy as well as the patients.

"Hopefully it'll bring Barren River Plaza back to life," said Kindred.

"I literally go out my back door, and the building is right here. I can't ask for a better location. I'm excited about that. I'm excited that hopefully patients will be coming in and out and see it and decide to stop by," said Hibbett Sports Glasgow Manager Mason Matthews.

Using the old Walmart saved TJ Regional Health some money too.

"The parking lot was already there, and the steel structure of the building we were able to use. We've estimated about $5 million in saving came directly from that," said TJ Regional Health CFO Tony Sudduth.

The total price tag was about $43 million. $30 million of which was construction fully funded by bonds.

Officials say about $10 million of those bonds were purchased by individuals supporting the facility.
The facility will have an open house for the community until 7p.m., and will open next week.

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