Take Back the Night in Bowling Green

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A few hundred people on Thursday evening came out to promote awareness of sexual violence at the annual Take Back the Night event in downtown Bowling Green.

"You have people come out and they show their support. Also, it shows support for survivors. It shows them there are other people, and that they're not alone in the journey, they're living right now," said Hope Harbor Executive Director Melissa Whitley.

"Everybody needs to be aware when they see something like this, not only if they're involved in it, or if they are just around the situation, such as just happened in Ohio, they need to speak out," said Eddie Wilson, who participated in Take Back the Night.

Alina Klein is a sexual violence victim, she was raped when she was younger.

She shared that story, and said it was great to see everyone out at the justice center tonight.

"My story happened 20 years ago, and this kind of thing never happened. So, just to see this is amazing and inspiring all by itself," said Klein.

March is sexual assault awareness month and take back the night is a part of the month's events.

The biggest thing many talk about, is just talking.

"I'm just hoping we can open up a conversation tonight, and have it continue online and in person for a long time to come. Hopefully, we'll see a lot of change," said Klein.

"Increase the awareness for sexual violence in our community, not only against women, but men also," said Wilson.

The numbers of sexual violence victims are staggering.

"Unfortunately, here in the state of Kentucky, 47% of women say they experience sexual violence, and almost 20 percent of men," said Whitley.

It was a night of music and discussion, but also a night to let everyone know sexual violence is not okay.

There is still another event this month for sexual assault awareness month at the East West Kung Fu Academy on March 30th on some basic self-defense.

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