Tax Agencies Prepare For Last Minute Help

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - With just 11 days remaining to file taxes many may be digging out that calculator and putting their pen to work.

Local tax agencies, like Eagle Tax in Bowling Green, say those who wait until the final days are often worried they may owe money.

They say that's a very rare case.

"Statistics show that most people do get a refund so you should just come on in," says Carolyn Brantley, owner of Eagle Tax.

Brantley is prepared for a full schedule over the coming days. She says one of the biggest misconceptions is filing an extension will save you from paying.

"The thing about the extension, that's an extension to file your return. It doesn't make you not have to pay for taxes if you owe. So if you owe taxes you owe them on April 15 whether you filed an extension or not," says Brantley.

Jeanne Fisher, Financial Planner with ARGI Financial Group, says for those who file taxes on their own to take it slow.

"Take the time to do them correctly. I know as we get closer to the deadline you get a little stressed out, you get a little rushed. I kinda say the organized bird in this case gets the worm. So be organized, be thorough," says Fisher.

Using a sharp eye may also give you more money back. Tax professionals say there are dozens of deductions available for just about everyone.

"Most of the time if you want to take a deduction you need to file a schedule A. Most people qualify for the standard deduction and they get the best benefit from the standard deduction," says Brantley.

But Bratnley says the best advice for now is to file right away to prevent a visit from the IRS.

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