Taxpayers Can Anticipate Refund Delays

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Congress' fiscal cliff deal won't just increase your taxes this year, it will make getting refunds from last year's returns take even longer than usual.

A later filing date means a later refund date. The IRS has pushed back the first day to file your tax returns to Jan. 30. Eight days later than usual.
This is because they have to make last-minute computer program adjustments after congress voted to increase taxes two-percent.

Those who file early because they depend on it to pay bills and other expenses will be the ones affected most by this delay.

"People who have been waiting 12 months to get a $2,500 income tax refund are prepared to spend that as quickly as they get it, and they're going to have to wait possibly until February 21st," said Pete Buser, Accountant and Owner of Tax Professional Service.

The IRS says you should get your refunds within ten to 21 days, but if you're concerned about the status of your refund, you can go to their web site and click on "Where's My Refund." You can also use their IRS2go mobile app.

Buser says last year this program created some controversy.

"In 2012 when people checked on where's my refund, they got nothing because refunds were delayed as they checked for fraud and errors," said Buser.

The IRS has changed that system to show you where your returns are in the process, much like tracking a shipment.
You'll see the date they received, approved, and sent your check.
Buser says this program won't change your delay time, but it can give taxpayers some peace of mind in planning.

Buser says the best thing you can do to ensure you get your refund as quickly as possible, is to file as soon as you can to avoid an even longer waiting period.

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