Tea Party Gearing Up for Battle Against McConnell

"We believe in smaller government, lower taxes and balanced budgets. The tea party was formed for fiscal reasons and right now with a 17 trillion dollar national debt, trillions of dollars of new debt being added yearly. We just don't see a change in the course and unfortunately the republicans and the democrats have been just as guilty. So, we're looking for people that can change that direction," said United Kentucky Tea Party Spokesperson Scott Hofstra.

That's the foundation for the tea party and what they believe.

Now they've put their belief in a candidate to run against long time republican incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell, a Louisville businessman Matt Bevin.

"He looked at what was going on in the country, looked at the leadership that was happening in Kentucky and decided if he was ever going to do anything to help improve the situation in this country, he had to take an opportunity now," said Hofstra.

Bevin is confident in his chances and so are his followers.

The mud slinging has already begun as well. Bevin has said Kentucky deserves better than McConnell.

McConnell is expected to come back with his own ad soon attacking Bevin for accepting a $200,000 dollar tax payer bailout.

"I don't think it's going to matter. I think Alison has got so much dirt on Mitch McConnell and his voting record that it won't make a difference," said Hofstra.

Now as McConnell gets ready for Fancy Farm, Bevin gets ready to run against McConnell.

Bevin will be in Bowling Green tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 at the Corvette Museum.

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