Teachers Continue Spending on Classroom Supplies

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Over the past several weeks, we have covered Back-to-School bashes as well as Stuff the Bus. Both of them are great events to hand out supplies to students and families. However, what about the teachers? Today, we spoke to school officials who are prepared to make the ends meet.

"I cannot stand for a kid to go without. They're not going to go without," Briarwood Elementary teacher, Ronann Bunger, said.

One parent I spoke to says the teacher's shopping "wish list" is a small price to pay.

"I know the teachers have to put a lot in their classrooms each year so I'd expect to put in some to my child's education as well," parent, Bethany Bristoe, said.

Bunger, also a parent, says she often finds herself buying more supplies than necessary for those without.

"But then, as I am out getting my own daughter school supplies, I am buying extra here and there so that the children in my class, who unfortunately, don't have the means to provide school supplies. I am out getting those as well," Bunger said.

She admits she often provides a snack to her students, but the price tag to feed them, is priceless.

"And I know that it can get pricey, but I've learned the way of, 'let's get a box of cereal;' that goes a long way," Bunger said.

School Resource Officials say they are thankful for the parents who always buy more than the requested amount.

"If we are short on something, we might not have to go buy it because another parent, or whoever, might have donated extra supplies," Janice Lockwood said.

But if the item is needed, teachers say they are willing to make up the difference.

"I am here for these kids, that is my main goal. That is my purpose and I am going to do everything it takes to make sure they have and again, they do not feel less than anybody. Period," Bunger said.

Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent both begin school on Wednesday, August 6th.

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