Teachers Using New & Old Technology To Prepare For School

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Renee Hale is a library media specialist and tomorrow is her first day at her new school. She's getting last minute preparations ready in the Moss Middle School library. Unlike years ago, her responsibilities aren't limited to books. She's also holding on to some valuable hardware.

"As educators we have to embrace the changes and incorporate the technology in our classrooms. That's how we reach our students now."

iPad and Laptop carts go from classroom to classroom in schools like Moss because students are using those things at home. For that same reason the school plans to host a social media night where parents can learn about what their kids are doing online. Who better to show them , then the students themselves.

"Parents are going through stations and sort of learn more. How to set up accounts as well as their children's accounts from their own children. I think that's great. We have to use our kids to teach us," added Hale.

Technology isn't just about who has the latest ipad. At Dishman McGinnis Elementary some innovative classroom designs are using some old school tech to engage the students.

"We have grids in our math floors. I also have grids in my ceiling. We can do coordinate grid, area, and perimeter. Around my wall I have number lines with positive and negative numbers. I also have different measuring tools on my wall and across the bottom of my dry erase boards," said Dishman McGinnis Math Teacher, Cheryl Chaney.

Teachers had a big say in the design of the rooms. The design of the building is pretty innovative as well. Solar lights in the ceiling are just one of the many energy efficient features.

School starts tomorrow and the teachers are already way ahead.

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