Terminated Glasgow Police Sergeant Leaning Toward Appeal

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- "I don't feel like they have enough evidence to fire Jarrod Steele."

Monday night's decision to terminate a Glasgow Police Sergeant wasn't a rushed one. Testimony and deliberation went well into the night at Glasgow City Hall. That's because the multiple standard operating procedures Steele is accused of breaking, date back to May.

"Behavior unbecoming of an officer. Failure to reports his EPO to his supervisor.," listed Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Trautman.

That EPO was upgraded to a Domestic Violence Order by a judge in civil court.

Steele faced seven city employee violations, being found guilty on all but one, leading to his termination. Steele's attorney feels punishment handed down by the city hasn't been consistent.

"For example one officer admitted to lying to a federal grand jury and was only suspended for six weeks," said attorney Traci Pepper.

Steele hasn't been found guilty of any criminal charges, just city employee violations. That being said, Glasgow officials still took its time before putting his future with the police force in the hands of the city council.

"I had conferenced with my city attorney multiple times about the proper action to take. He agreed, and the police chief agreed we had to do something," said Trautman.

Despite the results of Tuesday night's hearing, Steele's attorney said he's leaning towards appealing the decision.

"He admitted last (Monday) night that his actions were inappropriate and he regrets the actions that he did. He very much wants his job back."

The city council decision didn't just have to do with the domestic violence order currently out on Jarrod Steele. Officials said citizen complaints were also factored into the charges.

In a statement Glasgow Police Chief Guy Turcotte said in part "Police officers are held to a higher standard and when one falls below that standard appropriate action must be taken."

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