Testimony Released in Barren County Jail Investigation

It's a story that's been unfolding for about a year now, and what's in this story is from a $3,500 private investigation by Mike Ober and paid for by the Barren County tax payers.

The Barren County Fiscal Court hired Mike Ober, a private investigator last year to investigate the Barren County Jail.

Now, his investigation of current and former jail employees is out in the open.

It alleges many things including planting drugs, sexual misconduct and beating inmates.

Here's a quote about one night involving an inmate.

"They told him to be quiet, then they brought him up to a holding cell and that's when he got pepper sprayed and all that," said one interviewee.

"Was that necessary you think, the pepper spray and the beating?" asked Mike Ober.

I don't think it was necessary, not the pepper spray," replied the interviewee.

However, others at the jail said things like this didn't happen.

"You mean like somebody beating on an inmate or something? No, we don't do that here," said another interviewee.

Judge/Executive Davie Greer voted against hiring a private investigator saying it was a waste of tax payer dollars.

She questions how valid the investigation is.

"I felt like it was sort of a he said she said thing, and that's what I figured it would be. When you have someone interviewing somebody either in person or most of it was done I understand on the phone, and I just didn't feel like it was a true investigation into something that was supposed to be going on that nobody knows exactly what it was," said Greer.

Magistrate Chris Steward pushed for the investigation, but said even he didn't want the full report out there.

He said this was because of a federal investigation.

"How could I argue with the FBI? If they're asking us to keep this confidential why would I want to go out and be trying to expose this?" asked Steward.

Now, the report has spread something which has been reported was spread by Steward.

"I did not create this website, the twitter account or the facebook," said Steward.

Currently, there are no charges filed against anyone in the jail, even after the investigaiton.

WBKO reached out to the jail and Jailer Matt Mutter today for an interview but he said he would have to decline due to possible litigation regarding Ober's files.

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