Thanksgiving Meals: How to Avoid Cooking

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You expect long lines on black Friday, but it's the day before Thanksgiving and this line will be long all day. That's because these people are waiting to pick up their pre-cooked turkey and ham for their Thanksgiving meals.

"The lines you see here were put up yesterday, and we will have them lined up out the front door at some point today," said Honey Baked Ham Owner Jane Hamlet

Honey Baked Ham cooks holiday meat so you don't have to, and they say 60 percent of their business comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they make preparing your food a family affair.

"When we're here on Thanksgiving eve and Christmas eve, she's usually here with us. We have, our son is in the back helping with production, so it's a family affair at the holidays," said Hamlet.

Other restaurants like Ryan's allow families to enjoy a meal together, even if it isn't at home, and it works well for those who work on the holiday.

"We work until 11:30. Usually we take our lunch in, but we just clock out and come over here."

York says he and his coworkers have made eating a Thanksgiving meal at Ryan's together a tradition. Ryan's anticipates serving many like York.

"We'll feed approximately 2100 people in nine hours. It's a pretty big day for us. It takes us three or four days to prepare," said Ryan's Senior General Manager Billy Snider.

Restaurants aren't the only places preparing to serve large crowds.
the Salvation Army is already cooking meals for those in need.

"We have a massive undertaking to get the turkey and dressing and all the sides prepared for. We're anticipating approximately 400 plus people tomorrow," said Salvation Army Officer Mjr. Edward Binnix.

Salvation Army will be serving that Thanksgiving meal from ten till two tomorrow.

The Salvation Army will also be handing out boxes of food and personal care items to those who come in for a Thanksgiving meal. They say it's an added way to help carry families through the holiday season.

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