Thawing Pipes Burst All Over South Central Kentucky

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As unbearable as the snap of cold air was in south central Kentucky, it may have done its biggest damage on the way out.

Pipes left frozen by the sub zero temperatures began to thaw releasing mounted pressure causing them to burst and break all over Warren County. Multiple Warren County Schools and WKU dealt with pipe issues. The Great Escape Movie Theater also fell victim to thawed pipes. The sprinkler system burst flooding the lobby and hallways. Many homeowners are facing similar issues, but plumbing experts say it can prevented.

"Just like a stream running water does not freeze. The best thing to do is to keep that water running. It may get a little bit of ice collecting up in it but it won't freeze solid. When it freezes solid it turns around and breaks." said Plumbing Technician, John Greer.

Cutting down on the cold air running through your house can be just as important for the water lines. Opening all the cabinets in your home is a great way to warm up your pipes.

"The idea is to keep the warm air flowing. It keeps the warm air inside the cabinet as well as outside. When you close that cabinet it creates a barrier where the cold air can collect." added Greer.

Warm air flowing through the house may have actually caused problems for some. Fire sprouted all over the area during the frozen blast. Heating experts say it's essential to get tune ups every so often for weeks just like this one.

"The motors are getting hotter because they're running longer. Heat pumps, when you've got your electric heat running, if there is something not right with it you could have a short. Breakers burning and disconnects burning; there's a lot of issues that come into play." said Heating & Cooling Technician, Justin Ensminger.

Technicians said the extra strain could expose a busted heat exchanger in your system, potentially releasing and spreading carbon monoxide before you know it. For that reason they said a carbon monoxide detector is equally important this time of year.