The Kentucky Castle Law Explains Your Rights In Life-Threatening Situations

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Imagine this, you are driving down the road and suddenly someone cuts you off.

You get angry, but according to personal injury attorney Debra Broz, you shouldn't react.

"Don't make gestures toward them, don't get angry, don't start blowing your horn. A lot of times things like that are just mistakes on somebody's part so you have to have i guess a little bit of empathy I guess for everybody on the road," Broz says.

In any road rage situation police always suggest to call 911.

Broz has some suggestions if you and other driver happen to pull over.

"They need to not get out of the car because they don't want to look like what's going to be aggressive behavior in exchange for what's going on," she says.

Kentucky self defense laws explain that approaching someone's car in this situation is not illegal, but could lead to a deadly situation.

"When you are going to pull a gun on someone you have to be prepared and understand that you may have to use it," says Kentucky conceal carry instructor Deborah Williams.

Williams explains this to students the first minute of every class.

Before 2006, Kentuckians were required to retreat in a deadly situation where someone was threatening them.

When the Castle Law was passed, it became legal for residents to use a deadly weapon if they felt they were in a life-threatening situation.

Williams was a co-writer on the Castle Law.

"You could meet deadly force with deadly force. You could not use it for example, with someone calling you names or someone that is just saying they are going to do something as far as beating you up, hitting you in the face or anything like that, you couldn't necessarily use deadly force," Williams says.

The law says the person has the right to retreat from deadly situation, but has the option to use deadly force.

The Kentucky Castle Law also permits a person to use deadly force in cases of rape.

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