The Medical Center EMS Celebrates 40 Years Of Saving Lives

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- "When I first started here in 1976, going out on Scottsville Road, the last traffic light was on Smallhouse Road."

Gary Madison started at the Medical Center's EMS two years after the program began. Around that time, the EMS was stationed in a trailer with only a couple ambulances and a station wagon used for backup.

"When I started in 1980 they were running three ambulance a day. Now we run as many as nine and ten at peak times," said The Medical Center EMS Director, Randy Fathbruckner.

As Gary is called to a seizure not far from the hospital, the equipment he and other emergency responders have allows them to not only arrive faster, it also makes a big difference once on the scene.

"In a lot of cases a lot of things we're doing were unheard of in the hospital 20 years ago," said The Medical Center Field Operations Manager, Jim Williams.

As the only EMS service in Bowling Green, at times things can get busy. To better handle the influx of calls, the service now has more than 100 employees compared to the 22 it had when it first began.

"Our runs are up at least ten fold every year. We make more ambulance runs every year than the year before," said Madison.

Within minutes Gary and EMT's get their patient heading to the hospital.

Officials said throughout 40 years of change, the one thing that never has, is the goal of saving lives.

Officials with The Medical Center's EMS said, one big reason they've been able to be so successful, is that there are no tax subsidies involved with the service. All of the funding comes from customers along with the Commonwealth Health Corporation.

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