Mounds of Snow Hinder Drivers

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The winter weather is sticking around and some people are still stuck at home. The commute around town is getting easier, but getting on the road seems to be the problem. The ice is starting to melt and main roads are fairly clear. However, the snow plows have created mounds of snow that are trapping cars,

"We're stuck! We have to go to work and class, but it takes us thirty to forty minutes to get out," said Paige Hagan, Bowling Green resident.

Shovels are coming out and people are crunching away at the snow covering their tires.

"When I first pulled into the parking lot, it took me a minute to get over the lump of snow. I was sliding all over the parking lot and none of the sidewalks that I've seen have been cleared," said Carley Ferguson, WKU student.

Many businesses say snow mounds are blocking entry ways to their parking lots.

"Yeah, we have been pretty slow. People will slow down, but they will just keep going because they don't know where to turn in," said Todd Coop, Kentucky Music Co. helper.

Kentucky State Police advise drivers not to spin tires into the snow, it will simply make it worse. Officials suggest slowly easing on the gas peddle, to gain traction. Switching gear can also help rock your vehicle. Officials also suggest finding alternate routes (if possible) to avoid the large snow mounds.

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