The Gold Rush is on in Bowling Green

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The gold rush is on... With gold being at nearly $1750 an ounce people are digging through their jewelry boxes and selling what they can give up for some extra cash.

"There's definitely been an increase in business for sure, absolutely," says co-owner of Gold Star USA, Theresa Allen.

"Today at the price right now, this is worth about eight hundred dollars" as she holds a small handful of rings and gold charms in her hand.

Connie Rhea, had a few broken pieces of jewelry and a few pieces she didn't wear anymore.

"A friend of mine was telling me she was seeing how high gold was and that she had brought some stuff in yesterday and she said go home, and clean out your jewelry box you might get some extra cash...So i did."

She came in to just see if they were worth anything at all and was pleasantly surprised.

"$327 dollars,wow, for that tiny handful of gold?," says Rhea.

But it isn't only jewelry that is being sold.

Allen says, "People bring in teeth, gold teeth and some people are embarrassed to bring them in but, I'm telling you, they're a good deal if people need a little gas money, people bring in their gold teeth."

The owners of Gold Star USA say they enjoy buying gold because it's a rewarding experience.

"People are so happy, we had one gal dancing around, "she's going on a cruise she's going on a cruise!" I mean we have people who have the tears, so yeah it's very, very rewarding," says Allen's sister and co-owner Christine LeBloch.

The sisters say they to bring in your gold even if you don't know how much it's worth, or if it's even real, they will test it for free.